Following are some most effective steps you should take to clean a hotel room quickly.

Enter the room following the standard procedure of your hotel. Most companies will have a two-knock that is mandatory and two-announcement rules. This is where housekeepers should knock twice and announce “housekeeping,” and while re-entering the room, announce themselves once more in case the guest did not hear them from outside the room.

Check the bed for any stains or damage and smooth the mattress out. Make sure the bed following the hotel standards and make sure that once complete all covers, bedsheets and pillows are thoroughly checked for stains, tears, and any hairs.

Make some empty areas by removing the dusty linen and any tiny dust particles from the room. Always be sure to inspect all visible surfaces for trash, not forgetting inside the drawers.

Particular attention must be paid to the bathroom-cleaning, including toilet handles and seats. From the showerhead to the floor, all secondary particles of the previous guest should be cleaned, especially any hair, as they seem annoying and irritating for the coming guest.

Wipe down all hard surfaces. We thoroughly recommend using a color-coordinated cleaning system to prevent cross-contamination.

It is necessary not to forget to sanitize high contact areas or items like the remote control, door handles, light switches and telephones paying particular attention to any devices in the bathroom area.

Be mindful to remove any small particles of dust from the carpets or rugs by vacuuming.

The room must always be well dusted from the top of the highest piece of fitting/furniture to the bottom of every chair. Don’t forget window sills, lampshades, and any hanging artwork.

A vacuum lasts and once end in the room, vacuum out the door as you vacuum to check the carpet for any stains or damage. Remove any spots from food, or makeup using spot eraser. Carpet/rug cleaning is so crucial as it helps to maintain hotel carpets, if done correctly, will lift carpet pile clean and tidy.

Strip the beds gently. Once inside, always begin the cleaning procedure by stripping the bedsheets. This makes you able to use the dirty fitted sheet as a package for the items, helping to keep all the things together and contained.

Check all throws, pillows, and curtains are in excellent looking condition and the correct configuration.

Once you have done with cleaning, leave the room with a neutral odor, and at a balanced temperature.

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