Carpet maintenance is one of the essential tasks of the Housekeeping department since its proper appearance ensures a magnificent and splendid atmosphere in the hotel area though which both the in-house guest and outsider can be captivated to the hotel service and the surroundings.rug cleaning

The hotel should pay attention to essential details in maintaining and handling Carpet for the following reasons:

  • Clean maintain carpet hotel.
  • Create an alluring impression.
  • To make sure tidiness within the premise.
  • Make the finest use of hotel owners’ investment.
  • To avoid the carpets from being soiled and to improve the quality of air.

Since different soil requires different treatments, a complete understanding of these types of soil will ensure cost-effective implementation of the maintenance program.

There are certain soils that trigger the need for maintenance and refurbishment of Carpet. Soils are hazardous for carpets because they affect dense traffic areas of carpets. Housekeeping must take the initiative to remove the dirt from carpets as one single soiled area can spoil the total appearance of the hotel.

Followings are the four categories of soils that affect Carpet:

Water-soluble soils affect the Carpet through frequent corrosion of carpet appearance by sticking to the carpet fibers. Some water-soluble soils are:

  • Mud
  • Non-greasy pieces of stuff
  • Spillage

Water-based detergent products are very active and useful for removing and cleaning the water soils.

There are many  different types of greasy and oily materials that adhere with carpet fibers by trickling strongly, tracking and blowing into carpeted areas and responsible for carpet deterioration which are as flows:

  • Grease
  • Tars
  • Asphalt
  • Food grease
  • Airborne

A combination of detergent and solvent materials should be applied in the carpets to get rid of the soils thoroughly.

Dry soil can be any type that lies in a dry state and challenging to clean if they are combined with any oily materials (since fatty substances lead the dry soils to stick to the carpet fiver very firmly).

Following are the main basic classifications of dry soils:

  • sand
  • Dry dirt
  • Grit
  • Debris
  • Ashes and other tiny particles

Sand and gravel trigger excessive and rapid wear by backing, cutting, and abrading carpet fibers with their unfinished work.

Stains and Discoloration soils include different soils such as rust, water spots, food dyes. Using a specialized carpet spotter would be very helpful in eliminating the soils from the carpets.

Sometimes it becomes too tough to eliminate the smoke, food, mildew, and other odors from carpets.

Apart from these soils, carpets are also exposed to unwanted odors over their service life. Even some irritating, and strong unwanted odors make carpets discarded completely.

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