Einstein said, “Time is relative.”, so does everybody’s perspective of measuring time is relative as well. We have been dividing time into our desired units since from the very beginning and have a solid single unit can’t work pretty well for everyone. Let’s look at how many minutes in a year.

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 Why converting time into other units is required?


Imagine the scientists discovered new planet hundreds of millions of kilometers away from us. So what would they do to note it down on a piece of paper? It will take many years to write down the time to travel there on a piece of paper in minutes. That is why they created a new Unit for Space distances, i.e., Light years.

We can’t use Light years in our daily life, so scientists can’t use Minutes in terms of space travel. That is why it is okay to use minutes where we can feel comfortable using it.

Let’s be precise and calculate the total minutes in a year. Well, a non-leap year consists of 365 days. So, there are 60 minutes each hour in 24 hours. The whole minutes per day will be 60×24= 1440. So, on a typical day, we have almost 1440 minutes to spend. As a week has seven days and a non-leap year has 52 weeks. So total minutes in a year are 1440x7x52 = 525600.


 Are you finding it easy?


It can be complicated if we talk about Leap years, as our Earth isn’t always perfect as we think. A year that occurs once every four years, which has 366 days, including 29 February as an intercalary day. A leap year is a year that has an additional day added to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical year. So, every year, we don’t have 525600 minutes.


Due to an additional day after every four years, this can ruin over calendars, so to overcome this problem, each year, a certain amount of time is added to whole days in one year. The actual number of days in one year is 365.25 days. By rounding it off every four years, it makes 366 days in total, got it?


Now let’s calculate the actual number of minutes each year. We know we have 60 minutes each hour. And each day has 24 hours. So multiply 60 by 24 makes it 1440. So each day has 1440 minutes to spend. Okay, now multiply the outcome with the number of days each year, this makes

1440×365.25= 525600


It implies that 525600 are the exactly correct numbers of minutes in one year. The Georgian conversion has done the conversion of this consideration. In case you consider the lunar year, Julian year anomalistic or various years, then the fitting reaction will be to some degree phenomenal as a result of extra ten days and 12 minutes to be extra associated with the change. Regardless, we found our answer with no difficulty.


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It creates a difference of 360 minutes from the actual number of minutes each year.

So each one year has 12 months that have 365 days have 8760 hours that are 525600 minutes consist of 3153600 seconds to make it easy for you.

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