The term ‘pint’ primarily is associated with the system international Imperial and the United States traditional unit for measuring Volume. The said unit ‘pint’ is denoted as ‘pt.’ The value of pint in the United States of America should not be confused with The United Kingdom because it is 20% larger in the UK as compared to the US.

The pint in the United Kingdom considered equal to approximately 568 mL while in the United States, one pint deemed to be similar to 473 mL. Meanwhile, the dry pint found around 551 mL. The difference between Imperial and United State’s values of pint started back in the year 1824 when the United Kingdom denied the predecessor parameters and adopted a new exposition for measuring volume in pints while the United States stood with the conventional old one.

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Similarly, the cup is also one of a unit of volume in the United Kingdom and the United State’s traditional system of units. Just as the values of a pint are different in both the countries, so the measuring values for cups are different as well. One measuring cup in the United States described as 236.5 mL, 8 US customary fluid ounces. The measuring cup is significantly used domestically for quantifying the serving sizes in the kitchen for cooking.

But, measuring with the drinking cups is not recommended at all because their sizes do vary based on the design, height, and width of the cup. So the drinking cups do not represent the standard unit volume for their variable sizes. To cater to the problem, the System International Unit made standard measuring cups made for the standard size to measure precisely.


Now, the question arises how big one pint is? Or how many cups are present in one pint?

To find the answers to the above-stated questions, we may consider the fact that according to the United State’s international system of units, one pint is equal to two customary cups. Keeping in view the said volume, we can assume that 1 cup is equivalent to 0.5 pints. Which is numerically represented as “ 1 cup= 0.5 pints or ½ pints,” so,  as per the previously stated values, we can configure the amount of pint in cups as  ‘1 pint = 2 cups.’


We know one pint is equal to two cups. Hence, to transform pints into cups, what exactly we need to do is, multiply the value of one pint by 2 to get the exact amount of pint into cups. For example, if we want to convert 6 pints into cups. We will simply multiply six by two to find out the exact number of cups in 6 pints.


6 pints (2) = 12 cups.


There are various online convert engines available on google where we can type the value in pints, select the decimal we want to convert in, and with just a click can attain the desired value. Other than that, the process of conversion described above is simple to measure the volume without inconvenience.

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